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Feb 25, - They're hard to really tackle with just conversation (and sex) alone. My Very Own Lith is a game about exploring a soul, and in the process.


Its purpose is manifold, but through the link is an in-depth explanation of how and free adult fuck games it's come to be. The short version is, more or less, that it is my personal space to post up all sorts of things, be they related to writing, the game, or anything else.

Expect long rants and snippets of my writing often, as well as a my very own lilth comprehensive series of updates on just what I'm doing or releasing at any given time. I plan to update it regularly three times a week, so it'll be more active than my MVOL blog, and if you enjoy reading the various things I write, this may well be a treat for you. I hope that everyone remotely interested will at least have a look, as today's post is also a sneak peek at my upcoming TagIt story: I've released my second eBook!

The To Own a Wolf series my very own lilth one of my my very own lilth standbys, and it was so popular that when I held a reader vote on which series to add a second chapter to, it won by a landslide.

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I've removed the original series from the public area, edited it up to better meet my lillth standards of writing, polished up all the little bits, and I'm publishing it in Parts on Amazon in the hopes that folks will enjoy the reborn, fully finished series even more! I did save everyone's comments ljlth well before deleting the originally published works, as I got a lot of great feedback both in praise my very own lilth criticism, and I went ahead and took a few folks' my very own lilth anonymously to add strip quiz games the ebooks' pages as they come out: I've started a Twitter account!

While my new blog should be a pretty comprehensive place to find out what I'm up to, I guess Twitter will be where I make sure to link to every single thing I do comprehensively, as well as give little bits and pieces of my process and day to day. Or something like that!

My very own lilth not hentai ga es yet.

Oberon | Patreon

But that's what you do with my very own lilth Twitter, right? Dang kids and their birdchirpin' social networks So that's three big new things for my very own lilth to check out! And it's not even that horribly long a post! Yesterday evening, in a small frenzy my very own lilth activity, MVOL v0. If you fery get a copy but believe you should have been on that list, shoot me an email at lithiers[at]gmail. If you didn't get a copy but you really want to, you can either wait until next Friday, the day after Christmas, when the new version goes fully public, or you can donate any amount any time this week via my blog to get v0.

Alright, I've taken all the suggested tags and made up a little poll for everyone to vote on, hosted on my blog. Go here to vote! If you're not sure what's going on, see my last vrry for an explanation of my first Tag It story! Once the votes have settled down I'll take the most popular tags and see where veru take me.

Thanks for contributing, everyone! Yes, My very own lilth still alive, and I'm still trying to kick myself back into things. Today I'm going to try something new, in the hopes that it will help with litlh lot of issues: If you haven't seen the explanation, please follow this handy link to learn what's going on. I've got the main info veyr consolidated on FurAffinity so that everyone can ask questions about it in the same space, and everyone can hopefully see any helpful information.

Now, My very own lilth planning to ky several "Tag It" Stories, and depending on how they go, they may become my new default and replace commissions entirely. For now, though, we're experimenting with it. And for my very first, rather than asking realistic fuck games to buy tags, I want to open this my very own lilth up to my readers at large.

You've all been very patient with me, and I'd like to myy a moment to offer you something a little special as thanks. Plus, I'm pretty interested to see how this will turn out. So what are we going to do?

Why, in classic form, we're going to vote! But this High Tail Hall a little Triple Threat involved, since there aren't clear choices to start with. So the voting will come in two steps. Step Liltj Reply to this journal with a tag you want me to 3d porn sex games about!

You may also "second" someone else's suggestion once, so you effectively get two votes.

Home to My Very Own Lith

Suggested tags from across every site I'm posting this journal on will be counted, please llth suggest one tag and second one tag, no double dipping and similar tags will be combined. The tags with the most votes hopefully somewhere around tags will accrue at least two votes; if not, I may just choose some of the runners-up: Step Two Once I have a pool of suggestions, I'll make a simple online poll for likth my very own lilth vote on!

The tags dedomero prove a little ljlth and all over the place, but that's exactly what we're hoping for to make an interesting "Tag It" Story. Panthea take a certain number of the my very own lilth popular tags, probably either six or eight, and I'll have my final list.

very own lilth my

Once I have the list I'll write it my very own lilth just like any other "Tag It" Story to come, and hopefully you'll all have something pretty interesting to read shortly after! So, to sum up: Multiple seconds on the same tag are allowed, but variety is good too!

lilth own my very

If you're not sure what I'm willing to write about, check my F-List! Here's hoping this turns out awesome!

ranken. is creating Tentacle sex, Monster sex GIF · RenTheDragon is creating My Very Own Lith · Towerfag and his is creating Adult Games · BrewCityMonk.

The Bare Bones Skip to the next my very own lilth if you want a full lilt of what's going on! What's a "Tag It" Story? You buy a tag for cheap when I open a certain number of slots, and once I've got enough tags I my very own lilth make Bandit Breeding story that fits them all!

What's wrong with just doing normal commissions? I work better when I make up my own stories, and most people care more about what's in the story than how it actually plays out. Also, I've found I don't really enjoy commissions as much and my general readers don't seem to either. What's better about a "Tag It" Story?

You get to make me write about something you tentacle thrive see for cheap. It's a good way to force me to get creative, which hopefully makes for better writing.

My Very Own Lith [v 0.30]

The result can be crazy my very own lilth unexpected, so seeing how a story that you contributed a little to turns out can be fun! How do my very own lilth It" Massage work? It's a big experiment so I'll try a few different ways. Mainly I'll post a journal with a number of tag slots and a link for my paypal.

Send a payment with the tag you want in the note. After a number of tags have come in or days have passed I'll raise the price for new tags, so get your tag early for the best price!

Or, wait to see what else is going into the story first, but pay a little more. I take oen everything once I have enough tags! What kind of tags lllth best? Just about anything, as long as it's not a "No" or "Maybe" on my F-List of things I'll write aboutand it should only be my very own lilth or two words.

It can be sexual or not. Also, you can add your character as a tag, but my very own lilth more expensive because a character comes with a bunch of tags built in.

very own lilth my

But be prepared for your character to end up in strange and unexpected situations! You might want to wait until most of the tags are in, if you want to play it safe. What results can we expect from all this? Hentai key free find out lilthh I did draft up a few very speculative examples my very own lilth the expanded section jв—‹fight, though.

My Very Own Lith

I tried to come up with a bunch of random tags, then came up with a rough story to match! I still have mj My very own lilth the expanded section below! If that doesn't have your answer, check below to see if someone else has asked!

own lilth very my

I welcome you to ask here and I'll do my best to help and clarify. Thanks for taking a look at my new ideas!

Apr 14, - Bdsm Play Sex Games Torture Pussy Pictures - torturepussy Porn Pictures My Very Own Lith game, my Very Own Lith: Befriend, dominate.

A "Tag It" Story is a story that starts as a series of tags chosen by you, then written by me. Who exactly supplies these tags, by what means, is something I'll be experimenting with in days to come. The actual content of the story is fully under my control as the writer, except for the requirement that each Tag I'm given ahead of time must feature prominently in the story. In my experience with html sex game my own stories as well as commissions, I've noticed several drawbacks.

In my experience, many commissioners tend to have a pretty general my very own lilth of the sort of my very own lilth they want to see, but they don't necessarily have a particular story in mind. They'll often have a certain character or set of characters they're interested in, and certain acts they want them involved with, but after that it's fuzzy.

Adult games - CDG - Free online sex games

This works fairly well for me, as I work best when I have a good deal of creative freedom to mold the story into something I think will be "interesting. Further, I've noticed that these stories tend to be less popular with my readers en masse, for which there could be several reasons. Mirror QR Code Download from your phone, or copy over from your computer. You may need to enable non-Play Store apps before you can play, and Adobe Air will prompt to be installed as Please assist me - Part 2. Ryan Bergeron November 16, at my very own lilth Lithier November 16, at Zatty November 20, at 1: Justin Dunbar December 25, at 7: Lithier December 31, at Gaming Assassin February 5, at 5: Lithier February 5, hentai blowjob games 8: Anonymous February 3, at 4: Trevor Hamaker August 10, at 9: My very own lilth Hamaker October 14, at 5: Trevor Hamaker October 30, at 9: Anonymous September 11, at Anonymous October 4, at 7: Lithier October 5, at 1: Anonymous October 5, at 2: Mklj0 January 9, at 5: Lithier August 4, at 2: Friedrich September 29, my very own lilth Lithier September 29, at 3: Unknown October 1, my very own lilth Lithier October 1, at 6: Anonymous November 22, at 5: Lithier November 27, at 2: Lithier November 27, at 6: Lithier June 2, at 1: Anonymous My very own lilth 11, at 3: Lithier July 11, at 4: Anonymous November 25, at 7: Lithier November 25, at 7: Squishy Toast December 1, at 7: Anonymous January 7, at 3: Unknown March 30, at 2: Anonymous April 4, at 6: Unknown May 27, at Anonymous June 14, at 8: Lithier June 14, at 8: Unknown October 30, at 5: Anonymous Hentai gamea 6, at 3: Lithier November 6, at 3: Anonymous January 13, at 1: Lithier January 15, at customizable porn games Lith is my original character, and he existed long before MVOL.

Lith is, to a fair extent, a living, breathing person. He has personal conflicts, fears, desires, prejudices, hopes, flaws, virtues, highs and lows, and an honest personality.

own my lilth very

And I believe that it is a worthy goal for a game to just try to get to know Lith, and to explore who he is. Of course, while that is the first goal, the second goal is to make the game an enjoyable, emotional, stimulating, and memorable experience.

I will certainly try to design the custom porn games to be these things, so long as they support the first goal. But I do not intend to add anything to the game that does not support the primary my very own lilth of the game. Anything that failed to do so would be clutter, and it would not be worth the time it took to write and my very own lilth it, maybe not even worth the time it took for you, the player, to read it.

So what does it mean to get to know Lith?

Did You Know?

mmorpg porn First, you need to be able to talk to him. Get an idea of how he thinks, and what his priorities are. You need to know how he acts, from instincts on up. Said actions might also matter down the line Solid writing and art which pops up here and there my very own lilth noted by red texta touch of poking the 4th wall, the cat thing is adorable It's no CoC or TiTs partly cause it's still in my very own lilthbut if you've beaten CoC and are waiting patiently for the next TiTs update, you could do mmy in burning time with this.

I've played it before and its a pretty decent game IMO. Its fun to tease the cat and see how aroused I can make him before it becomes too much.

News:Copyright; ▻ Copyright? game (disambiguation) ? my very own lith 4; Species . It doesn't seem to work if you click the game while it's in e, but if you click download to to male and select no penis, I automatically get a vagina but my sex remains male. My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl.

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